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Air Casters - LHQD-B (54 ton)

LHQD Air Casters Max Load:10-54 ton
Warranty: 48 months

Introduction of LHQD Air Casters - NEW MODEL :

This new model is our NEW upgrade model of 2019 !!

Bigger capacity !Smaller air consumption !! Longer life !!!

Introduction of LHQD Air Casters
Work Principle of Air Casters
Air Casters,(also can be called Air Bearings,Air Pallets,Air Skates,Air Lift Casters,Air Bearing Movers,Air Cushion,Air Caster Rigging)are a kind of pneumatic device which can form a lubricating film of air between the load and floor surface,used to move heavy equipments on flat, non-porous ground. Thus,the friction between the ground and the equipments becomes very small,we can move the heavy loads in any direction. In fact,Air Casters used in sets of four or more.
Gas filling in the Air Cushion
Firstly: Gas filling in the Air Cushion;
Air Cushion is full of gas
Secondly: Air Cushion is full of gas;
the formation of a thin film of air, the Air Cushion is of suspension
Thirdly:  the formation of a thin film of air, the Air Cushion is of suspension.


Features of Air Casters:
1,Offers versatile positioning to fit almost any load.
2,Movement and positioning of the Air Casters are easy,the shake of the equipment is small.
3,Small pressure on the ground,Air Casters will not damage the ground.
4,Spark-free operation,use Air Casters in hazardous areas is available.
5,Simple maintenance and environmental.
How to Use Air Casters
1 , Air Casters is made of four Load Modules.When using,connect the Air Regulator with Compressed Air Source using Main Hose. 
2 , Put the Load Modules under the euqipments at a reasonable layout.
3 , Then adjust the Main Gas Supply Flow.Pull out of the Regulator Knob Cap, clockwise to increase pressure and counter-clockwise to decrease the pressure( note : the pressure of each Load Modules does not exceed 0.35Mpa.If the supply pressure is too large, will cause vibration), after rising of the Load Modules, lock each Regulator Knob Cap, then you can move the equipments. 
4 , After the moving work is completed,not to turn off the Compressed Air Source.Please firstly make the equipments touch the ground.Then turn off the Compressed Air Source.
5 , In the end, release the air in the Air Regulator and hoses.

Notice of Using Air Casters:
1,Air casters require a smooth, non-porous,sealed ground.Cracks and other surface
   defects can interrupt the proper flow of air, Polyurethane floor is the ideal work surface
   of Air Casters.Repair for some large cracks and filling expansion joint may be needed,
   we can also use sheet metal or a heavy gauge plastic sheet  material on the uneven
2,The ground should be dry enough,or the Air Casters could be too flexible to control.
3,An external air supply source is necessary.The main gas supply flow should be at least 3
   m3/ min.
A standard Air Caster typically consists of:
1 x Main Hose
Model Capacity(Ton) No. of air cushion Size of air cushion Main material of air cushion Main gas supply flow Pressure
Main pipe length Vice pipe length  
(L×W×H) (m3/ min) (M*
LHQD-10-4B 10 4 420mm×420mm×70mm Aluminum  
≥1.6 7 30*1 6*4  
LHQD-16-4B 16 4 540mm×540mm×70mm Aluminum 
≥2 7 30*1 6*4  
LHQD-20-4B 20 4 580mm×580mm×70mm Aluminum 
≥3.2 7 30*1 6*4  
LHQD-24-6B 24 6 540mm×540mm×70mm Aluminum 
≥4.8 7 30*1 6*6  
LHQD-30-6B 30 6 580mm×580mm×70mm Aluminum 
≥4.8 7 30*1 6*6  
LHQD-32-4B 32 4 720mm×720mm×70mm Aluminum
≥4 7 30*1 6*4  
LHQD-36-6B 36 6 800mm×800mm×70mm Aluminum 
≥4.8 7 30*1 6*4  
LHQD-48-6B 48 6 700mm×700mm×70mm Aluminum 
>6 7 30*1 6*6  
LHQD-54-6B 54 6 800mm×800mm×70mm Aluminum 
≥6 7 30*1 6*6  

Our LHQD Air Casters NEW model :
air casters air skates

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