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Air Casters Parts - Load Modules

Air Casters Parts - Load Modules Brand:LONGSHENG®
Warranty: 12 months

Introduction of Air Casters Parts - Load Modules
Load Modules are Important parts of the Air Casters.Load Modules are made of the Rubbe Balloon, Bearing Plate,Rubber Support Pads.
The workflow of Load Modules: 
1 Rubber balloon being filled with compressed air, 
2 Rubber balloon is full of Air,meanwhile,the compressed air is sustainable and stable
3 Forming an air film between the Load Modules and the ground.

Air Casters Parts - Load Modules pictures
Applicable Model  Dimensions 
(L * W * H,mm)
 LHQD-10-4   380×380×50 
 LHQD-16-4   485×485×50
 LHQD-20-4    540×540×50 
 LHQD-32-4   686×686×50
 LHQD-48-6    686×686×50 

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