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Steerable Machine Skates-LHTR

Steerable Machine Skates-LHTR Max Load:6-12 ton
Warranty: 6 months

LHTR-U Steerable Machine Skates

LHTR-U Steerable Machine Skates also named Transport Cargo Trolley, Rotating Roller Skids, Rotating Machine Skate,Transport Roller skates,etc.LHTR-U can turn direction when MOVING,two front wheels can change direction of 270°.
There are draw bar matched on the LHTR-U Steerable Machine Skates, can controll the direction via it.
Normally, LHTR-U Steerable Machine Skates must be combined with more than 3 sets  Machine Skates when working,and be combined with 2 LHSR-U Machine Skates
When changing direction, please slowly and do not overload. 

Steerable Machine Skates

Model Max Load (T) Common Load (T) Measurement (mm) Wheel Qty (pcs) Wheel Material NW(KG)
LHTR-6U 6 3 385×263×110 4 PU 22.5
LHTR-7U 7 3.5 385×263×110 5 PU 24
LHTR-8U 8 4 470×263×110 6 PU 29
LHTR-10U 10 5 470×263×110 7 PU 30
LHTR-12U 12 6 470×263×110 8 PU 31

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