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Air/Hydraulic Floor Jacks -LH-4

Air/Hydraulic Floor Jacks Capacity:10-50 ton
Warranty: 6 months

Structure of Air/Hydraulic Floor Jacks -LH-4

1,Using compressed air as a power source, the lift speed is very quick.Energy saving,
   environmental protection, and efficient.
2,Long handle is much easier to position and turn direction,which can improve the carrying
3,Panel and the piston using a special process and will not rust, corrosion resistance, no
4,The LH-4130 is of two stage,and the LH-4150 is of three stage.

Structure of Air/Hydraulic Floor Jacks
Model H0(mm) H1(mm) H2(mm) H3(mm) D(mm) B(mm) L(mm) H(mm)
LH-4130 150 72 78 -- 205 290 550 1380
LH-4150 150 68 73 76 250 320 690 1380

Model Capacity(T) Minimum Height(mm) Compressed Air(MPa) NW(KG)
LH-4130 30/15 300 0.7-1.0 43
LH-4150 50/25/10 367 0.7-1.0 65

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