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Hydraulic Wedge Jack -HWJ

Capacity:30 ton
Warranty: 12 months

How Hydraulic Wedge Jack work
Hydraulic Wedge Jack is one new kind of Jacks-Hydraulic Wedge Jack!
This kind of Hydraulic Wedge Jack can push the load in horizontal and lift the load in 
vertical.As its structure shows,it can fit for gap as small as 6 mm.
Features of Hydraulic Wedge Jack
1,Can adjust the load in either horizontal or vertical direction.
2,Since Hydraulic Wedge Jack does not need to manage counterforce, Small pressure on
   the ground,will not damage the ground.

Flat ground is required;
A standard Hydraulic Wedge Jack typically consists of:
1 x Wedge Jack
1 x Manual Pump
2 x High Pressure Hoses
1 x Steel Case
Model Capacity(T) Minimum Height (mm) Maximum Height (mm) Oil Tank(L) GW(KG) NW(KG)
HWJ-30 30 6 34 3 38 25

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