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Electric Balancer

Electric Balancer Capacity:80-600 kg
Lifting Hight:3.5 m
Warranty: 12 months

Electric Balancer

Controlled by a processor, LS-IL Electric Balancer consists of servo motor, servo driver, weighing sensor and limit switch, and serves as a materials handling device that accords with human engineering. 
Electric Balancer is characterized by easy operation, high precision, intelligentization, speed controllability, safety and reliability, etc. 
Electric Balancer can maximize production efficiency and minimize the industrial injury risk of operators.
Capacity: 80--600 KG
Fast speed: up to 40 m/min
Strong responsiveness: speed is adjustable (quicker/slower)
Low fault rate of product
Low risk of accidents
More environment-friendly (dust and moisture resistant)
Equipped with input/output port, and more intelligent.
Electric Balancer lift the Auto-industry car door

Electric Balancer Features:
Free speed control:Electric Balancer can move synchronously with operators with high or low speed selected by operators, which can adapt to the operation environment that sometimes need to operate at a high speed, and sometimes need to operate at a low speed and high precision.
Ultra high speed: Electric Balancer’s lifting speed can reach 7.5--40 m/min and has become a popular lifting device in the current market for its high speed and accuracy.
Accuracy of millimeter level: Our Electric Balancer can achieve incomparable accuracy with lifting speed less than 0.3 m/min, to ensure necessary accuracy control when lifting precise, expensive or fragile components.
Safe selection: Our Electric Balancer is safe and reliable, which significantly reduces the occurrence of industrial injury accident.
Anti-rebound technology: The technology can ensure that the Electric Balancer will not deviate or rebound when load weight changes, so as to reduce the occurrence of potential serious injury accident.
Bearing overload protection: When the load exceeds rated hoisting capacity, the Electric Balancer will start automatic protection and stop lifting function.
In-place function of operator: The slipping handle of our Electric Balancer is equipped with built-in photoelectric sensor, which will not allow the device to operate unless the operator gives operation command.
Function of suspension mode: The Electric Balancer is equipped with multi-purpose “suspension mode”. Operator can control load by hands and complete precise positioning within the whole range, just by exerting applied force of 2 kg on load.
Function of suspended unloading mode: The Electric Balancer is equipped with “suspended unloading mode” specially for unloading objects; the operator can control the load by hands to achieve accurate unloading.
High performance-price ratio: The Electric Balancer can greatly improve factory’s production efficiency through improving workers’ labor efficiency and assisting complex operation.
Electric Balancer application
Auto-industry (parts and vehicle assembly such as engine, gearbox, instrument board, auto seat, glass)
Warehouse loading and unloading
Product sub-packaging
Parts assembly
Machinery manufacturing and processing
Finish machining
Repeated high frequency handling work
Natural gas, oil and other energy industries (valve, drilling tools, etc.)
Capacity    (KG) 80 200 300 600
Lifting speed - manual mode (m/min) 40 30 15 7.5
Lifting speed - suspension mode    (m/min) 36 27 13.5 6.75
Lifting height (m) 3.5 3.5 3.5 2
Main power supply (VAC) Single    phase 220V ± 10% Three phase 220V ± 10%
Maximum current (A) 10A 12A 15A 15A
Available power supply for tools 24VDC, 0.5A
Rope SUS304 rope
Working environment temperature range 5-55℃
Humidity range of working environment 35-90%    without condensation
Limit Hardware    limit and software limit
Precision of weight displayed (KG) ±1% rated    load lifting capacity
CE certified Yes
Cooling method Natural    wind or forced wind
Noise ≤80dB

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