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Lightweight Aluminum Electric Winch

Lightweight Aluminum Electric Winch Capacity:0.36-1 ton
Warranty: 12 months

Lightweight Aluminum Electric Winch-LHYJ
Super Lightweight and Parallel Structure
The components of aluminum cast and plastic made the winches very light compared with the other electic winch.Unique winding drum and driving motors assembled in parallel are designed.
Dust-Drip-proof and Rust Resistance
Motors and reduction gears are installed in aluminum cast cases,and electromagnetic brake,braking power units are in engineering plastic cases:winch resulted in making the winches resistant well against dust,drip and rust.
Grease Lubrication
An grease of high quality lasts for so long time that frequent lubrication is not needed.It is free to install the winches at many places,such as floors,walls or even upside down.The electric winches are quiet and compact mobility.
(Except the case of installing on floors,users should contact us in advance to avoid the problems such as weep holes.)
High Quality Built-in Motor
Built-in motors are installed in aluminum cast cases and supplied with F-type insulation (durable up to max.155 ℃) and B-type insulation (durable up to max.130 ℃)
Safe and High Efficiency Brake
The electric winches pass in-house durable tests 300,000 times.Despite of their small sizes,these electric winches have been improved for strong braking power,operating accuracy and a longer life span.A brake plate is made of earth friendly material of non-asbestos.
Easy to Attach Cables
Attaching cable can be done easily,insert a cable to a cable hole of a drum and tighten a
locking bolt.

Lightweight Aluminum Electric Winch Lightweight Aluminum Electric Winch
Model LHYJ-360 LHYJ-600 LHYJ-1000
Rated load on Cable(kg) 50Hz 1st Layer 360 600 1000
3rd Layer 360 600 1000
Top Layer 236 437 931
Rated Winding Speed of Cablem/min 50Hz 1st Layer 18 11.1 5.7
3rd Layer 22.8 14.7 8
Top Layer 34.8 20.2 10.3
Cable Winding Length in totalm 1st Layer 13.2 10.5 8.5
3rd Layer 45 36.9 30.8
Top Layer 155.2 89.6 60
Cable Dia. in Use 6 8 10
Motor Type Fully-Sealed and Self-Cooling Type
Output 2.2kw
Number of Poles 4P
Rated Voltage & Current Three Phases 380V 50Hz,4.7A
Insulation F
Load Hour Factor 25%ED
Braking Ratio over 150%
Reduction Ratio 23.28 38.59 76.18
NW(kg) 70 70 70

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