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Cable Puller Winch -HRP

Cable Puller Winch Capacity:0.5-2 ton
Warranty: 6 months

Cable Puller Winch-HRP
HRP Cable Puller Winch is small and light,easy to carry,and even in narrow spaces,
Particular for electricity, telecommunications aerial, powerful, hardly to pull off. 
1,Its operability can be greatly improved. Use high quality galvanized steel wire rope made
   in Taiwan,and Aluminum indenter, wear tough not to fall off, with high safety factor.
2,Using high-strength steel structure, one whole structure of quality carbon steel,with high
   density in gear, can be rotated 360 degrees, the control card tied to the forward and
   reverse switch, with automatic braking device, save effort.
3,The hook is made of high-strength alloy steel(high-strength forged alloy 4140),the
  strength has been greatly improved,.
4,High temperature heat treatment (quenching and tempering).
5,Appearance: color zinc plated 
6,Safety factor: 4:1

Cable Puller Winch Top Hook Cable Puller Winch Brakes Cable Puller Winch Ratchet Cable Puller Winch Below hook
Model Capacity
Spec.of load wire
Cable Length
Net Weight
HRP-0.5 0.5 5 1 480 2.5
HRP-1 1 5 1 580 3.3
HRP-1.5 1.5 6 1 680 4.35
HRP-2 2 6 1.5 680 4.7

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