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Electric Chain Hoist—35 Ton

Electric Chain Hoist—35 Ton Capacity:35 ton
Lifting Hight:3/9 m
Warranty: 12 months

The function of Overload limit,Remote control,Double speed,Synchronous control is available for HHBD Series Hoists,depending on Customized Demand.

Our 35 Ton Explosion-proof Electric Chain Hoist is also ok now,Explosion levels ExdⅡBT4 Gb.Its two hooks are made of stainless steel.

35 Ton Explosion-proof Electric Chain Hoist
Model Capacity
Lifting Hight
Lifting speed
No. of load chain Spec.of load chain I-Beam(mm)
Fixed Type 35 3/9 0.7 16 Φ11.2 150-220

Lifting Motor
Model Motor power
Rotation speed
Phase Power supply
( Hz)
Fixed Type 3.0*2 1440 3 220-440 50/60

Warranty: 6 months of electrical part, 12 months of mechanical part

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