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Air Pallet - LHQZ-C8

LHQZ Air Pallet Max Load:8-54 ton
Warranty: 24 months

Introduction of LHQZ Air Pallets :

Air Pallets size chart
Work Principle of Air Pallets
Air Pallets are a kind of pneumatic device which can form a lubricating film of air between the load and floor surface,used to move heavy equipments on flat, non-porous ground. Thus,the friction between the ground and the equipments becomes very small,we can move the heavy loads in any direction. 
Gas filling in the Air Cushion
Firstly: Gas filling in the Air Cushion;
Air Cushion is full of gas
Secondly: Air Cushion is full of gas;
the formation of a thin film of air, the Air Cushion is of suspension
Thirdly:  the formation of a thin film of air, the Air Cushion is of suspension.


Features of Air Pallets:
1. Labor-saving: the using human force is only 0.05% of the object GW,8000 kg object could be moved by using 4 kg human force;
2. Low air consumption: only 1.6m3/min;
3. Smooth handling and good stability;
4. The turning radius is small: it can be rotated around any point;
5. Long warranty period: 2 years.
Notice of Using Air Pallets:
1,Air Pallets require a smooth, non-porous,sealed ground.Cracks and other surface
   defects can interrupt the proper flow of air, Polyurethane floor is the ideal work surface
   of Air Pallets.Repair for some large cracks and filling expansion joint may be needed,
   we can also use sheet metal or a heavy gauge plastic sheet  material on the uneven
2,The ground should be dry enough,or the Air Pallets could be too flexible to control.
3,An external air supply source is necessary.The main gas supply flow should be at least 1.6
   m3/ min.
Model Capacity(ton) Suspension height(mm) Pallets size(mm) Pallets height(mm) Air Pressure
Gas supply flow
(m3/ min)
LHQZ-C8 8 10 1200*1000 53 7 1.6

Our LHQZ Air Pallets :
air pallets air pallets

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