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Precision instrument handling equipment: suspended air cushi

Precision instrument handling equipment: suspended air cushion truck, easy to use, not just talk
With the development of the high-tech industry, more and more industries have higher and higher requirements for the machining accuracy of equipment, which has produced a large number of precision instruments and precision machine tools. These precision instruments not only have strict requirements for the storage environment, but also Handling is also a big problem, stumbling many moving companies.

 Precision instrument handling equipment: suspended air cushion truck, easy to use, not just talk
The handling of precision instruments requires no vibration, no static electricity, environmental protection, no pollution, and flexibility. If any link is ignored, it may directly affect the accuracy and normal use of precision instruments. It is difficult for ordinary handling tools to meet the above requirements at the same time. Suspended air cushion handling The car came into being!
After a lot of experiments and practical applications, it is really not just a talk, it has almost taken over the precision instrument handling industry!
Why is the suspension air cushion truck so favored?
■One word: "stable"
The suspended air cushion truck can achieve the state of "suspending on the ground" when working, forming a layer of gas film between the ground and the ground, and can adjust the height according to the uneven ground, which has a good shock absorption effect and ensures that the precision instruments are not transported during the process. It will cause vibration and will not affect the accuracy of precision instruments.
■Two words: "flexible"
Ordinary handling tools need a certain turning radius to turn, but the suspension air cushion truck does not need it. It can turn in any direction at 360 degrees on the spot, and can walk in any direction. The flexibility is very high, and it is suitable for precision instrument rotation, installation, etc., It is also ideal for moving precision instruments in tight spaces.
■Three words: "No pollution"
The power of the suspension air-cushion truck is compressed air, which will not generate exhaust gas and pollution during operation. At the same time, its air-cushion module is made of aluminum alloy, which does not rust, does not fall off the paint, and does not damage the ground.
The suspended air cushion truck is not only used for handling precision instruments, it is also a "regular customer" for handling in a dust-free environment, and has a wide range of uses

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