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What is the principle of the Air Cushion Vehicles? Where is

What is the principle of the Air Cushion Vehicles? Where is it commonly used?
Air Cushion Vehicles (also known as handling air cushion, air-lift truck, air-cushion handling device, etc.). The Air Cushion Vehicles is composed of modules, air conditioners, main air pipes and auxiliary air pipes. The upper part of the air cushion module is a carrier plate, and the lower part is an annular air bag. When the air cushion module is inflated, the air bag expands the stroke ring, and the air enters the air chamber from the air bag through the air hole, and the bearing pressure is established in the air chamber. And deflate all around with a very thin film of air on the ground stroke. Because the frictional resistance of the air film is very small, it can be propelled, rotated and positioned in any direction with a small thrust.

The Air Cushion Vehicles is a simple, flexible and convenient handling equipment composed of a controller, a support block, and an air bag. This device is especially suitable for the handling and position adjustment of precision equipment that cannot damage the ground, cannot withstand vibration, and require high stability, as well as handling where hoisting equipment cannot be installed.
The Air Cushion Vehicles is powered by the air source, suspended on the ground for transportation, has low pressure on the ground, and does not need to find a lifting point for installation. It only needs a small traction or thrust when moving, and can rotate 360° on the spot, with accurate positioning, safety and environmental protection. Suitable for dust-free workshop equipment handling!

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