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Why use an air cushion truck for clean room equipment handli

Why use an air cushion truck for clean room equipment handling?
Trolley is a common handling tool in the workshop. The general production workshop requirements are not too strict, as long as the basic requirements can be met. However, such occasions as clean room/clean room/sterile workshop have strict requirements on the cleanliness of the environment. Whether it is carrying out equipment handling operations or entering and exiting, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning dust to avoid pollution. Therefore, the choice of trolleys is: strict requirements. The selection of air-cushion trolleys (also called: air-cushion flatbed trucks, air suspension trolleys) has certain inevitability, but it is not only about this.

Why choose an air trolley?
●No pollution:
The air-cushion trolley is composed of a bearing plate, an air cushion, a handrail and a wheel. It is driven by a clean air source and the bearing plate is made of SUS304, which is corrosion-resistant, will not cause degumming, paint peeling, etc., and will not bring any pollution to the dust-free workshop.
●Do not hurt the ground:
In occasions such as clean room/clean room, the floor is generally covered with epoxy floor, smooth floor, self-leveling and so on. Therefore, special attention should be paid not to cause damage to the floor during handling. The air-cushion trolley has a large bearing contact area, uniform force, and no direct contact between the air-cushion and the ground during operation, showing a suspended ground handling state without causing ground damage.
●Anti-vibration and labor-saving:
For high-precision equipment, stacks of scattered bottles and glass products, such as semiconductors, liquid crystal panels, pharmaceutical equipment, storage tanks, etc., the friction between the air-cushioned trolley and the ground is almost zero, and the running resistance is small. On the one hand, the handling is stable and anti-vibration is good; on the other hand, the load of the flat plate can be handled in batches, which saves time and is easy to handle.

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