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What is an air cushion for?

What is an air cushion for?
There are often customers calling to ask "what is the use of the air-cushion truck", they all say that the air-cushion truck has good mobility and accurate positioning. Is it really so useful? We will introduce the working principle, characteristics and application fields of the simple structure of the air cushion truck.
The air-cushion truck is simple in composition, mainly composed of an air conditioner, an air-cushion module, a main air pipe and a secondary air pipe.
The working principle of the air cushion truck:
The air cushion truck needs compressed air when it works. It can use the compressed air system inside the factory or use a separate air compressor. When the air cushion truck is inflated, the air bag expands to form a ring, and the air enters the air chamber from the air bag through the small hole, and the air bearing pressure is established in the air chamber, and the air is deflated to the surrounding and forms a very thin air film on the ground. Due to the small frictional resistance of the air film, the weight can be pushed, rotated and positioned in any direction with a small thrust.
Step 1: Inflate the compressed air into the rubber airbag at the bottom of the air cushion
Step 2: The rubber airbag is filled with gas and inflated at the bottom of the air cushion
Three steps: form an air film at the bottom of the air cushion to suspend the air cushion
Composition of air cushion truck Schematic diagram of air cushion truck
What are the advantages of air cushion trucks:
1. It is suspended on the ground when working, so the friction force is small, and the traction or thrust required for movement is very small, that is to say, a few people can push the equipment of dozens of tons, saving manpower
2. Low pressure on the ground, can protect the ground well
3. It has the characteristics of good mobility. Under the condition of load, the air cushion truck can rotate on the spot, and the accurate positioning is impossible for ordinary transportation tools.
4. The air cushion truck runs smoothly and can be shockproof, such as the handling of precision equipment
Note: At present, our company's new air-cushion truck (blue series) has lower air consumption than other brands of air-cushion trucks, about 50% less air consumption, and is guaranteed for 2 years
Old Air Cushion Truck New Air Cushion Truck
Application fields of air cushion truck:
Air-cushion trucks are widely used, such as diesel engine manufacturing, semiconductor equipment, automation equipment, injection molding machines, GIS combined electrical appliances, high-speed machine tools, purification workshops, pharmaceutical equipment, electronic equipment and laboratories, etc. Handling and position adjustment.
Note: The ground used by the air cushion truck must be a smooth and seamless continuous surface
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What is an air cushion for

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