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Air Skates

Air Skates
Brand: Longsheng LONGSHENG
Model: LHQD-B
Specifications: 10 tons ~ 54 tons
Warranty period: 4 years
Price: ¥negotiable/set
Product desciption
Air Skates

The Air Skates is a simple structure, flexible and convenient handling tool. Compared with common handling tools, this product has great advantages in terms of manpower saving and maintenance handling. It is suitable for applications that cannot withstand vibration. The working conditions that require high stability during the moving process.
product manual
Introduction of Air Skates :
* High efficiency: dozens of tons of equipment can be easily pushed by manpower, which makes the work faster
* Positioning: The Air Skates can be rotated and moved arbitrarily, and can also be rotated 360 degrees in place under load, and the manual operation and positioning are accurate
* Anti-vibration: The Air Skates is a suspension operation, which hardly produces vibration. It handles some precision equipment such as semiconductor equipment, electronic equipment, etc.
* No damage to the ground: The product has little pressure on the ground, can protect the ground well, does not scratch the ground, and is used for some special floors such as epoxy resin floors, etc.
* Low air consumption: Take the complete load of 10 tons as an example, the main air flow rate of the new model (the blue series) is ≥1.6 cubic meters per minute, and the flow rate of the old main air source is ≥3 cubic meters per minute.
* The Air Skates is powered by clean air, does not generate high temperature, sparks and dust, and does not pollute the environment. It is an environmentally friendly handling equipment.
Reminder: Before the airbag of the Air Skates is fully lifted, it is strictly forbidden to push it before it reaches the suspended state. To avoid airbag tearing and serious wear caused by improper operation. And the airbag tearing and curling caused by insufficient airflow are not covered by the warranty.
The Air Skates is suitable for smooth floors, such as polyurethane floor, self-leveling floor, ceramic tile floor, floor leather floor, epoxy floor, etc. The following is the surface flatness requirement table of the air cushion handling device:
Measuring distance 0-1m 3m 6m 10m 15m
Height difference ≤2mm ≤4mm ≤10mm ≤12mm ≤15mm
Physical picture

Air Skates in kind:
Note: The Air Skates is guaranteed for 4 years. If there is any quality problem during the warranty period under normal use, it will be replaced free of charge, and non-quality problems will be charged for maintenance.
In addition to selling complete sets of Air Skates s, our company can also purchase product accessories separately.

48 ton Air Skates

Application case of suspended air skates:
It has been used in high-speed machine tool installation, clean engineering, dust-free environment, laboratories, injection molding machines, precision instruments, semiconductor equipment, pharmaceutical workshops and other occasions.


air skates complete set structure
Principle and installation instructions of air skates
Ground requirements for air skates

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