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[Technical support] Floor requirements to use Air Casters

Air Casters,(also can be called Air Bearing and Caster System,Air Bearings for transporting heavy cargo,Air Pallets,Air Skates,Air Lift Casters,Air Bearing Movers,Air Caster Rigging),is a portable lightweight environmentally friendly equipment handling tools.It is very helpful for moving precision instruments, semiconductor devices, optical devices, micro-electronic devices, which need strict conditions to move.
Air Casters use air as power,aerate the Air Cushion and form a layer of film,lift the heavy equipment by air.So the ground must be of good seal and does not leak.
For example: epoxy floor, polyurethane floor, tile floor, or links sealed smooth ground and so on. 
Air Casters can not only protect the ground but also the equipments.

Air Bearing and Caster System

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