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How to Use Air Casters

How to Use Air Casters
1 , Air Casters is made of four Load Modules.When using,connect the Air Regulator with Compressed Air Source using Main Hose. 
2 , Put the Load Modules under the euqipments at a reasonable layout.
3 , Then adjust the Main Gas Supply Flow.Pull out of the Regulator Knob Cap, clockwise to increase pressure and counter-clockwise to decrease the pressure( note : the pressure of each Load Modules does not exceed 0.35Mpa.If the supply pressure is too large, will cause vibration), after rising of the Load Modules, lock each Regulator Knob Cap, then you can move the equipments. 
4 , After the moving work is completed,not to turn off the Compressed Air Source.Please firstly make the equipments touch the ground.Then turn off the Compressed Air Source.
5 , In the end, release the air in the Air Regulator and hoses.

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