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Air Lift Casters Technical Data

Air Lift Casters|Air Bearing Movers|Air Cushion|Air Caster Rigging - Technical Data

This technical information describes Air Lift Casters|Air Bearing Movers|Air Cushion| Air Caster Rigging , Profile , model description , application scope, structure , components , installation, commissioning , precautions content. Primarily to help our customers with a comprehensive understanding of the overall performance of the advantages of Air Lift Casters in actual use should be noted that some of the operational processes. Detailed understanding of this technical information allows you to use this product in a safe operating procedures,and can greatly enhance the efficiency of Air Lift Casters as well as extend the life of this device.
Brief introduction of 
Air Lift Casters
Air Lift Casters also called Air Bearings,Air Pallets,Air Skates,
Air Lifts,which is a new heavy equipment movement , handling tools. Air handling unit which is using compressed air as a power source to drive so that it can carry a heavy load to walk in the suspended state. Air Lift Casters handling advantages of the process will not shock , there will be a large area of ​​contact with the ground , the process of moving a single person can promote weight about 10 tons of load in the case of 360-degree rotation in place . Have not reached any kind of handling equipment performance tradition.
Model Name Description 
of Air Lift Casters(
Air Bearings,Air Pallets,Air Skates,Air Lifts)
LH QD-10-4 Air Lift Casters
LH — on behalf of Longhai Hoisting
QD — on behalf of Air Lift Casters
10 — represents the capacity of Air Lift Casters is 10 tons
4 — represents the four air module
Air Lift Casters(Air Bearings,Air Pallets,Air Skates,Air Lifts)
Air Lift Casters have such nature:dust-free environment , using clean compressed air as a power source ( mo environmental pollution ) , the ground floor with epoxy cement floor in marble use ( not destroy or scratch the ground floor ) , you can load range from 10 tons to 48 tons , while moving very effort ( 1 person can push 10 tons weight ) , during the movement of the vibration characteristics of features does not apply to when medical / electronics / aerospace movement of precision instruments , machine tools / Precision Abrasives / printing equipment need to adjust the angle and movement of the time , shift the car manufacturing plant / epoxy / marble flooring and other special ground transportation equipment , reduce labor work and other applications.
Installation and commissioning 
Air Lift Casters(Air Bearings,Air Pallets,Air Skates,Air Lifts)
1,Air Lift Casters consists of four air bearing blocks. When using compressed air source with the main pipe connected to the controller, and then use the cushion supporting block of the trachea and the controller are connected .

2,Several air support block at a reasonable layout plug bearing surface under the machine .

3,When turned on the gas source to adjust , pull each regulator knob cap , turn it clockwise to increase pressure , counterclockwise rotation can reduce the pressure regulator knob to rotate each make inflatable cushion rises ( note : Each inflatable cushion pressures do not exceed 0.35Mpa), after rising inflatable cushion , press each regulator knob lock , can move . If the supply pressure is too large, will cause air and down vibration.

4,Mobile positioning the machine , the first not to turn off gas supply , rotating bolt should now make contact with the ground . Then turn off the gas source , you can withdraw the balloon deflated .

5,After the work is completed, the master , when the demolition of the trachea , the compressed air inside the tubes must first release all pressure gauge readings on the controller to zero.
Air Lift Casters(Air Bearings,Air Pallets,Air Skates,Air Lifts)
1, The inflation pressure of each air bearing block not exceed 0.35Mpa.

2, Each air bearing blocks bear the weight as evenly as possible , and the air pressure in the center of the support block , the support blocks so that the inclined air does not occur.

3, At least three air bearing blocks.

4,Air support or not support the weight of the block is not completely withstand the weight of the air supply pressure should not be too large, otherwise the air bearing block beating phenomenon occurs , then as long as the reduced air pressure , can be normal .

5,Air support and ground contact block is a balloon , the balloon is rubber parts, be sure to prevent sharp objects ( such as iron , etc. ) cut .

6,When the lack of air pressure , the balloon is not fully inflated, pushing force is strictly prohibited . Will result in the airbag and aluminum bonding at detachment or tear.

7,When the inflatable cushion to work , make sure there is no moisture in the compressed air line . Otherwise, the water will make the Air Lift Casters can not move, causing the balloon burst.
Use Cases 
Air Lift Casters(Air Bearings,Air Pallets,Air Skates,Air Lifts):
Use Case 1
Air Lift Casters used under Clean Environment
Air Lift Casters used under Clean Environment

Use Case 2
Air Lift Casters moving on the Ground of Epoxy
Air Lift Casters moving on the Ground of Epoxy

Using Case 3
Air Lift Casters used to move the Equipment into the Plant
Air Lift Casters used to move the Equipment into the Plant

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